Small Building



Small Building Company specializes in smaller projects, based on a human scale.  Using the latest sustainable construction techniques, we minimize the impact your project has on your site and our environment.  Careful planning, material reuse and salvage, and an aggressive recycling program ensure your project reaches completion without excess waste.

Small Building Company specializes in:

  1. Low impact site development

  2. Natural materials and finishes

  3. Energy efficient building techniques

  4. Recycled, reused and repurposed materials

  5. FSC, Native and regional material sources

  6. Local Olympia subcontractors and suppliers

  7. Green Building and Energy Star Checklists

Washington State General Contractor: SMALLBC925OH


Building with care

Every project can be Green; remodeling existing structures, custom workspace, or thoughtful detailing with local durable and natural materials.

Contact info:

Gregory Smith

Telephone: 360.239.0429


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