A remodel of a 1970’s pole barn into shop/guest space, and overall exterior renovation. 

Existing horse stables were deconstructed by Olympia Salvage.  Usable roofing and framing was salvaged for future uses, and concrete was recycled to become gravel or new concrete aggregate.

A new studio area adjoining the existing barn structure incorporates underground drainage solutions for the expansive metal roof.  New construction uses energy efficient framing, insulation exceeding WSEC, durable and recyclable materials.  The new space features fir plywood floor and ceiling, custom plywood trim, high-performance skylights and windows.  In one corner custom site-generated fir shelving supports a workspace that can serve as a guest kitchen, or a workbench.  An alcove opposite comfortably holds a large desk or guest bed under a rustic ceiling of site-native timbers.

The adjoining full bathroom features a barrier free tile shower/floor, vintage fixtures, and Milestone plaster walls.  A fiberglass framed window allows fresh air and daylight directly into the shower end of the room.  Above the bathroom loft space provides extra sleeping area or storage.

An on-demand water heater supplies efficient hot water for the bathroom and kitchen area.  No-VOC paints and water-based wood finishes keep the air quality healthy, energy efficient lighting and appliances reduce the utility impact.

The pole structure of the original barn continues into the new space with round posts and beams with hidden hardware supporting the new covered porch.  New cedar encloses the original barn and ties the old and new spaces together.  New cedar and other exposed wood is treated with Lifetime natural wood preservative.  Exterior lighting is dark-skies friendly.  Old cedar and fir siding is salvaged and reused inside and on future projects.

Skylights and other materials supplied by Bayview Lumber.

Patio by Doug Locken Concrete.

Custom shelving of site-native doug fir by Jesse Thomas.

Metal roofing from Pioneer Roofing.

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